Women's Flat Track Roller Derby on the Panhandle of Florida.




Home         March 4th           BBSD vs. Red River Sirens                        W   218-78                 

                                              ATL vs. Brass

Away         April 1st               Nashville Brawlstars vs. PURD/BBSD       W   229-192

Away         April 22nd            Cajun Roller Girls vs. PURD                       W    154-94

Away         May 6th               Tallahassee Legiskators vs. BBSD             L     68-242

Home        June 17th             BBSD vs. JVillains                                       W    170-162       

Away        June 24th-25th    PURD in Savannah, GA Tournament

Away        Aug 5th              BBSD vs Dothan Roller Derby

Home      August 19th               BBSD vs. Clarksvillians

                                            Tallahassee vs. Dixie

Home     September 16th    PURD vs. Savannah

                                            BBSD vs. Hellions

Home     October 28th         PURD vs. Muscogee

                                            Sugar Sands vs Gulf Coast Rollergirls Lafitte's Ladies


Home     December  9th      Toys for Tots Annual Scrimmage.

​​Panhandle United Roller Derby and Beach Brawl Skr8 Dolls    

  2017 Season Schedule