Women's Flat Track Roller Derby on the Panhandle of Florida.



Home         March 4th           BBSD vs. Red River Sirens                        W   218-78                 

                                              ATL vs. Brass                                             ------------

Away         April 1st               Nashville Brawlstars vs. PURD/BBSD       W   229-192

Away         April 22nd            Cajun Roller Girls vs. PanU                       W    154-94

Away         May 6th               Tallahassee Legiskators vs. BBSD             L     68-242

Home        June 17th             BBSD vs. JVillains                                       W    170-162       

Away        June 24th-25th    PanU in Savannah, GA Tournament         3rd Place

​                                                    PanU vs Savannah Derby Devils         W    292-68   

​                                                    PanU vs Tallahassee Roller Girls        L     129-170

                                                    PanU vs  River City Roller Girls          W    150-106 

Away        Aug 5th              BBSD vs Dothan Roller Derby                     W    223-100

Home      August 19th               BBSD vs. BBSD                                             --------------

                                            Tallahassee vs. Dixie                                   ---------------

Home     September 16th    PanU vs. Savannah                                      CANCELLED

                                            BBSD vs. Hellions                                        CANCELLED

Home     October 28th         PanU vs. Muscogee                                     W 124-117

                                            Sugar Sands vs Gulf Coast Rollergirls Lafitte's Ladies


Home     December  9th      Toys for Tots Annual Scrimmage.

​​​Panhandle United Roller Derby and Beach Brawl Skr8 Dolls    

  2017 Season Schedule