Women's Flat Track Roller Derby on the Panhandle of Florida.


Derby Name and Meaning? 

TANK. I picked my derby name because since joining derby I've always wanted to hit hard and be solid, like a tank. My bulldog is also always referred to as a little tank so it just felt right.

Derby Number and Meaning? 

My number is 004. I wanted to be just 4 but we had a member with 4 when I joined. I had a rabbit named Four. Also, just felt right.

How Many Years Have You Been Playing:

I started freshmeat boot camp in June 2016.

Derby Position:

I'm am a blocker, and recently have taken the pivot panty a time or two.

Favorite Gear:

I LOVE my custom MOTA Savages. They are amazingly designed and they fit great.

Favorite Quote: #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork

Derby Theme Song: Our Last Night - Humble Cover

Why do you Derby?:

I play derby because it keeps me grounded, makes me feel strong and reminds me to take care of myself. I enjoy the sisterhood and being apart of something so empowering.

How did you find out about PanU/BBSD: 

I had a client suggest that I join the league years before I actually did. He had volunteered and sponsored with the league at some point in the earlier years. Thank you Sweet-T.

Pre Bout Ritual:  Food, all of it. BOUT FACE. Skate check. And a nap if I have time.

Any derby idols?: 

Carla Gustav. No explanation needed, but for the record, the first time I watched her skate I was in love and intimidated at the same time and that's a feeling I want to recreate when I come onto the track. Her presence is strong and powerful. She was a AMAZING coach to me; pushing me hard & bringing me Rookie of the Year my 1st season. And now, encouraging me even from a far to continue pushing myself to be a better athlete and to continue earning my spot on our All-stars charter. I will forever adore her for having faith in me.

Inspiration for someone wanting to join Roller Derby?:

JUST DO IT.  Where else can you hit someone (legally) and not catch a charge?

Special Thank You’s/ Shout Outs?:

My team, Panhandled United; The leagues that have borrowed me, SSRD especially; all the leagues that hold open scrimmages and the leagues we have played against. This sport entirely, honestly, for giving me, and all of us a home and an opportunity to better ourselves and really be apart of something great.​​​


TANK joined our league with the drive to make a mark on our league. She has been on the rise with her magical Marvel Mota Skates. She graduated bootcamp with passion and a pep talk from our past AD Carla Gustav. She became a Beach Brawl Sk8r Doll and this season was bumped up to our Red Shirt PanU All Star program. Congratulations Tank!!! 

Thank You,

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