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-How did you get your Derby name?

jlomien is my karaoke name so I just toughened it up!

-What is your favorite super hero?


-What is your favorite derby gear of choice?

​Not Yet. 

-Do you have a derby theme song?

No one particular theme song, but I do like to get hype with some hip- hop dance jams!

-Drink of choice?
Arnold Palmer w unsweetened tea!

-Do you have a pre-bout ritual?

long, hot, relaxing bath

Clubba Lane

4 Seasons

Dixie Moonshine

Dothan Roller Derby has played a huge part in the growth of our Panhandle United All Stars. In the 2017 season these four indiviuals dedicated their travel miles, skills, heart and passion for roller derby to PanU. Congratulations to our November Featuered League Members! 

-How did you get your Derby name?

I wanted a roller derby name that represented who I was currently and not something that I felt I couldn't be or live up too. Like tough names are great for some girls because they look it and live it. But me ...nah... I smile way too much. So some teamates and I did some brainstorming and decided it should have something from my southern roots and be familiar. Southern Charm ... Dixie Darlin' and some other really good ones were brought up. Dixie and Moonshine are big in the south and Moon is also my last name so I threw an "R" on the end and Dixie Moonshiner was officially born!

-What does your Derby gear smell like?

My derby gear smells good! I spray it with fabreeze after every practice and use Gold Bond Clean Scent spray in my skates regularly (my feet get powdery and white when I skate barefoot)! I also have 2 sets of gear that I can rotate through so they get rinsed in the washer regularly as well.

-Any roller derby heroes?

I don't have 1 roller derby hero. There are SO MANY fantastic skaters in this sport and I love watching them all play! They are all my "derby heroes

-Motivational quote?

My husband gave me a christmas gift that is a photo taken of me during a pre-bout warm up and had the quote "strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn't" put on it. One of my favorite gifts! I love that quote and the picture! Another of my faves was a motivational poster I found (and have) that says "Don't water your weeds!" I am trying to live by that statement these days!

4 Seasons

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Women's Flat Track Roller Derby on the Panhandle of Florida.

3 Seasons

-How did you get your Derby name?

Clubba Lane, I'm a huge Rocky fan and there were so many Rocky Balboa type names already out in the derby-verse. So, I thought of my favorite character outside of Rocky and it was Mr. T's character, Clubber Lang (the Southside Slugger). So I slightly changed it and got Clubba Lane.

-Describe Roller Derby in three words.

Hard, Fast, Fun

-If you were a super hero who would you be and why?

Wonder Woman - she's smart, strong, compassionate, and heals quickly. Oh yeah, and invisible jet to fly around in isn't so bad either.

-Drink of choice?

Arnold Palmer (1/2 sweet tea, 1/2 lemonade) and coffee.

-Do you have a pre-bout ritual?

I just try and envision myself doing all the things we've been working on slowly and correctly...slow is smooth and smooth is fast. I also work on my track awareness during warm-ups.

Nurse Rita ratchet

JLo Pain