Skater Name: OCDevious

Skater Number: 427

Is there a meaning behind your name and number?: I wanted a derby name that was personal, and something I could live up to… I am OCD and I feel on the track I can be very devious - I love my name! As for my number, it is my birthday, something I have always loved. 

Joined PanU: February 2018

How many years have you been playing?: less than 1 year

Do you hold a league position?: I help with Merch and PR

Preferred skater position?: Blocker, but pushing myself to be ok with Jammer

Gear of choice?: 187s

Pre-Bout Ritual?: Spending time with my family, relaxing

Highlight of the Year?: Passing Freshmeat and being able to play

Theme Song?: Grace Kelly - MIKA

Motivational Quote?: Do what makes you happy, life is too short to be sad or angry.

Inspiration for those just starting!: Don’t give up, it’s worth all the pain and the struggle.

Special Thank You?: Special thank you to my love, 2Tall, for pushing me to be better every day and huge thank you to Dirty for helping me start this amazing journey.

This dynamic duo loves to take over the track on the inside and outside. They are a panu reffing and skating duo. They joined out league this season and have come full force in helping panu grow. We are so thankful for their dedication to the sport of roller derby and panu! COngratulations on being our October featured league members! 


Ref. Name: 2 Tall

Ref. Number: 0427

Is there a meaning behind your name and number?: I’m a freakin giant on skates. My # is Devious’ Birthday [😉]

Joined PanU: 2/2018

How many years have you been reffing?: 1

Do you hold a league position?: Nope

Preferred ref position?: Front IPR

Gear of choice?: Sure-Grip Rebels (They are ugly… but so comfortable), Protec Pads, Avenger Plates

Pre-Bout Ritual?: I generally go over all my hand signals (Like… all of them)… Then i usually think of really off-the-wall questions to ask Ant

Highlight of the Year?: Had to do a double drop as back OPR in Knoxville, that Jam was FAST

Theme Song?: Rooster, Alice in Chains

Motivational Quote?: Work Hard - Play Hard

Inspiration for those just starting!: The more you ref the more the game slows down. Stay with it [🙂]

Special Thank You?: Special thanks to AntSir for guiding me and putting up with all my ridiculous questions.

Thank You,

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Women's Flat Track Roller Derby on the Panhandle of Florida.