Women's Flat Track Roller Derby on the Panhandle of Florida.


Pamdeboneum joined our league in full force. She is dominating the track as a blocker, jammer and pivot. You can often find her training off skates for her triple threat status. She has donated many hours to PanU and the sport of roller derby. Congratulations, BO! 

​Skater Name: Pamdeboneum

Skater Number: 15

Is there a meaning behind your name and number?: I’m an Orthopaedic Surgeon so I felt “bone” or “bones” had to be in my name somewhere (for now lol) I’ve gone through a few variations. The number 15 refers to my favorite type of scalpel - a 15 blade ☺️

Joined PanU: August 2017

How many years have you been playing?: 5 years banked track and 1 year flat

Do you hold a league position?: No currently, but I help out on the PR and Merch committees

Preferred skater position?: I love blocking... but jamming when my team needs me is fun too!

Gear of choice?: KNEE PADS!!! 🙌🏽

Pre-Bout Ritual?: I don’t really have one. I guess just to make sure I have all my gear on [


Highlight of the Year?: The first time I did an apex jump in a game/scrimmage. Still blows my mind lol

Theme Song?: I don’t have one... yet. Should I get one?? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔

Motivational Quote?: Stopping and falling are a part of this game. Learn how to do them properly and is smooth sailing from there 😎

Inspiration for those just starting!: If you are diligent, it gets better. You will be amazed where this sport can take you mentally and physically. Roller derby helps you become stronger than you realized you could be. Couple that with a supporting and encouraging league, like PANU, there’s no limit to where u can go. ✌🏽

Special Thank You?: My ever loving and doting husband, Mr. Warnerful... who has always had my back and been my biggest cheerleader! I love you! ❤️😘

Thank You,

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