Women's Flat Track Roller Derby on the Panhandle of Florida.



Derby name: Spicy McHaggis

Derby number: 13

Derby name meaning: my derby name comes from a hilariously vulgar song called the Spicy McHaggis jig by the Dropkick Murphy's. No particular reason in the song made me want to pick it except to make people who know the song go "OMG do you even know what that song is about?!"

Home league: Sugar Sands Roller Dolls (SSRD)

Position of Choice: Blocker/Pivot

Why do you Derby: I have always been an athlete. I've played basketball, street hockey, baseball, and softball. Softball being the one I've played the longest (10 years). I love softball but the... cohesiveness of the players was nothing like when I joined derby. I did junior derby for a couple years and this is my 2nd full season playing as an adult. Nothing beats the love and support you get from the derby community. It's inclusive, safe, and full of amazing women.

Motivational Quote: There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do. – Derek Jeter (even though I hate the Yankees lol)

Favorite Food: Baked Ziti

Pre-game Ritual- I drink a sweet tea on the way to a game and listen to my "roller derby playlist" which consists of the Spicy McHaggis Jig and 10 heavy metal songs that get me pumped. Just before a game I'll take 30 seconds of silence to myself to get my mind right and then I go.

Thank yous: thank you too all my derby friends and family for making me feel so loved and welcome. I always feel I have a lot to prove and the love i get in return makes it all so worth it. I look at most of everyone like sister and honestly some of you like mother's  (since I'm only 19 and all). I mean that in the best way possible, you all give me great life advice off the track and I'm forever grateful.

Spicy Mchaggis

​​Derby name: Pax-A-Punch

Number: 03

Name & Number meaning: Name comes from Call of Duty and I love basketball, so growing up a lot of the good point guards were number 3, and also, it’s another special meaning for me,my husband, and our dog Kobe.

Home league: SSRD

Position of choice: I love blocking, but pivoting is also fun!

Why do I Derby? I derby because I’m competitive but also because I love the friendships and family that comes with it! Derby is my outlet and I think it’s pretty rad that there’s derby almost anywhere now!

Motivational quote: just do it-Nike (haha so basic) but I love this quote because with derby you’re constantly learning new things no matter how long you’ve been in the game, and if you just do it or just try, you’re making yourself that much of a greater skater.

Favorite food: oh man I just love food in general (#foodie). But my absolute fave is some SALMON. Omg salmon sashimi gives me life.

Do you pre game ritual? I try to eat well and drink plenty of water the week of, other than that, I jam out on the way to the bout.

Thank yous: Biggest thank you to my husband for being my biggest supporter and motivator! Also, thank you to PANU for taking me in and welcoming me with open arms—it means so much to me! Last but not least, thank you to my home league SSRD for their high spirits and awesomeness!


Pax, Orville and Spicy joined the PanU All Stars in the 2018 season. They hail from the home league Sugar Sands Roller Dolls out of Panama City, Florida. Together they are a action packed trio with jamming, blocking and pivoting skills. Congratulations ladies on being February Featured League Members  for Panhandle United Roller Derby. 

Derby Name: Orville WreckNBlockHer

Derby #: 1620

Derby name meaning:  Just a play-off the popcorn king’s name, Orville Redenbacher.

Home League: Sugar Sands Roller Dolls (SSRD)

Position of Choice: Blocker

Why do you derby:  Derby became a means of getting out of my comfort zone and taking risks.  I’ve always been over cautious and over thought a lot of choices.  The sport of derby allowed me to take risks, achieve goals I never thought I would, and just let go and live life.

Motivational Quote:  Something I heard Bonnie D. Storir say, “Never focus on what you’re doing wrong, but what you are able to do today that you weren’t able to do yesterday.”  That quote allowed me to focus on bettering myself and not tearing myself down because I couldn’t do what everyone else around me was doing.

Favorite Food: Thai food and spaghetti and sauce.

Pre-game ritual:  No pre-game ritual.  I just sleep in as late as possible, watch tv, and eats lots of junk food (JK, not really). LOL

Thank yous: Thank you to all the derby friends and family that I have made in my 7.5 years derby career.  They have all had a part in my derby growth.  I continue to learn from everyone that I’m around, from fresh meat, advance skaters, and coaches.  I embrace being a sponge, so I can learn ALLLLL the things.

Thank You,

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