Cheap Shot               #4u           2007-2014   BBSD

Hell-O-Nurse             #MS04     2008-2014    BBSD

Cry-Sis                      #9-1-1       2008-2014   BBSD

Miss 'n Out                #17           2010-2014   BBSD

​​Hell's Belle                #667         2015-2016   BBSD


Panhandle United Roller Derby and Beach Brawl Sk8r Dolls Retired Skaters

The following skaters have been with PANU/BBSD through the ages. They have dedicated their time and efforts on and off the track to the development and progression of a one time small Fort Walton Beach League. Thank you for all the hard work. BBSD will forever honor your time and love for Roller Derby.

Women's Flat Track Roller Derby on the Panhandle of Florida.