Women's Flat Track Roller Derby on the Panhandle of Florida.


       League Physicians!

       League Announcer!

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​    -Impact Design Studios

​    -Ken R. Fountain Attorney & Counselor at Law

​        Fountain Schultz & Associates Attorneys at Law

Why sponsor PANU?

Why not! Partner with a dynamic group of ladies and support a local business. Not only will you gain exposure in internet media and print but you will receive the adoration of the skater dolls. Web based and social media are the #1 means of advertisement between out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Webpage, you also gain the benefit of over 40 Skater dolls blasting you business in the local community. If that is not enough, PANU has a reputation for charity and community service. Our reputation will work for you. While we are supporting the community through charity, your sponsor info will follow out skaters to each and every event. How does 500 new customers checking your business out every time we take the track? Heard enough? Contact us today to incorporate some derby in your business!

       Our Home Turf!

With his car and our skates we took 1st place for BEST RIDE in the 2014 Billy Bowlegs Parade!